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About WorldMedic IVF


   WorldMedic IVF Solutions is a Medical and Healthcare Information Technology Solution Business Part of WorldMedic that provides a fully integrated Infertility Clinic Management Software with predictive data analytics for IVF treatment clinics and hospitals

Need of Infertility Treatment Clinics

   Among the highly-in-demand healthcare needs that top the list across the globe, is Assisted Reproduction Treatment or infertility treatment in common parlance.  Infertility is an increasing global problem and it is estimated that 1 in 8 couples experience infertility because of the prime culprits being a sedentary lifestyle in a highly-stressed world. The result is a growing need for infertility treatment clinics and hospitals and the need for continuous research in the field to achieve a higher success rate for IVF and related treatments.

Need for Software for IVF Treatment Management

 Infertility treatment facilities along with treating patients also help the super specialist doctor community in their research. This requires proper, accurate and careful maintenance of IVF patient records and data which is critical to effective treatment and higher IVF success rates. The patient numbers are large and create a challenge to the A.R.T. treatment clinics and hospitals as they struggle to maintain IVF patient data about clinical trials and results. The chance of slip ups and errors increases with each new patient. This makes it mandatory for infertility treatment clinics and hospitals to invest in a proper, proven IVF management system to record their patient data with complete treatment protocols and results.

WorldMedic IVF – Practice Management System for ART Clinics

   We at WORLMEDIC IVF, provide a wide catalogue of IVF IT solutions to cater to every clinic data management problem of an IVF Treatment Facility, the size of the facility notwithstanding. Our goal is to simplify daily IVF treatment processes for IVF Doctors, Nurses, Embryologist, Administrator, Receptionist, etc. In WorlMedic IVF Clinic Software Right from scheduling appointments, patient’s visit, recording male or female investigations, generating a stimulation sheet, reviewing cultured embryos or drafting a IVF treatment plan, every activity is integrated on one platform with secure access management. One can easily monitor clinical outcome and other information that helps to improve IVF success rates. You can also extract any data for statistical analysis or set up a customized data report. A validated quality reference model is also included.

   With core expertise in the tech-empowered Infertility Treatment domain, WorlMedic IVF is geared to help ART clinics in their mission of creating more and more happy families. This is made possible by developing and perfecting advanced IVF treatment data management tech-systems, tools and enabling infertility domain-specific research for achieving better results. With our technologies for IVF Software Development, we at WorlMedic IVF help the infertility treatment providers meet the highest standards in the IVF industry.

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