WorldMedic  IVF  Provides a fully integrated Infertility Clinic Management

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Business Vision

WorldMedic serves pharmaceuticals and medical products company, as well as those who care for patients. For health care manufacturers, we offer product development, manufacturing and packaging services; distribution services; and marketing and sales services. For health care providers, we offer similar services along with an array of products and services that help improve operational and clinical performance.



We work in partnership with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop solution for their organization,consulting and promotional programs with community pharmacies and acute-care providers.



For hospitals and other health care providers, we develop technology, as well as automated supply and pharmaceutical dispensing systems and we provide systems to help customers streamline purchasing and inventory management. We help retail pharmacies market themselves in their communities through Internet-based programs and patient-education activities, and we provide systems to help them maximize reimbursement from third-party payers. We also provide franchise opportunities and other services to retail pharmacies. Our operations and clinical improvement services include unique consulting and information systems to help health care providers reduce supply costs, improve operational efficiencies and enhance clinical outcomes.